How to set Intrusion Detection on SmartPSS

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How to set Intrusion Detection on SmartPSS


This article will show you how to set IVS rule ‘Intrusion Detection’ on SmartPSS


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Step by Step Instructions

In Smart Plan interface, select Next or config, here you can set IVS.

When a target enters exits or appears in detection zone, alarm is triggered.

Step 1

Click Add rule.

Step 2

Enable rule and modify rule name and type.

Enable rule, means to enable corresponding IVS rule.

Modify rule name.

In Rule type dropdown list, select Intrusion.

Step 3

In monitoring video, draw detection zone, and right click to stop drawing.


Select existing detection zone, click Clear or Re-draw to draw again.

Step 4

Set parameter, arm time and alarm link. Draw target filter

Action ListInclude appears zone and cross zone.
DirectionWhen detection action is set to cross, this direction is valid. Direction includes enter, leave and bidirectional.

Step 5

Click Apply