How to set Multi-card unlock on SmartPSS

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How to set Multi-card unlock on SmartPSS


This article will show you How to set Multi-card unlock on SmartPSS


  • SmartPSS
  • ASC1204B-S

Step by Step Instructions

Access controller must be added into SmartPSS client. You can click ‘Configuration / Devices’ to add it on the SmartPSS home page.

You can click Multi-door Lock to set that a specific door can be unlocked only when

specific users of a group all pass verification in a specific order.


  • Supports max 64 people for one group.
  • Multi-door unlock supports 4 groups of people on-site verification at the same time, total 64 people, valid people up to 5.

Step 1

Click , select Multi-door Lock.

Step 2

Manage personnel group. It needs to add personnel group before adding multi-card unlock.

Click User Group Manager.

The system will display the interface.

Click and system displays the interface of User Group Edit.

3. Search personnel by department, number or name.

4. Select personnel.

5. Click Save.

6. Click and close the interface of User Group Edit.

Step 3

Set multi-card unlock.

Click Add on the interface of Multi-card Unlock.

Set multi-card unlock, see Select the door which enables multi-card unlock; select designated personnel group; fill in present valid people number of each group and unlock mode, click or to adjust the unlock sequence of each group.

3. Click Save.