How to set remote verification fo access control on SamrtPSS

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How to set remote verification for access control on SamrtPSS


This article will show you How to set Multi-card unlock on SmartPSS


  • SmartPSS
  • ASC1204B-S

Step by Step Instructions

Access controller must be added into SmartPSS client. You can click ‘Configuration / Devices’ to add it on the SmartPSS home page.

In Permission Management interface, you can click Remote Verification to ask the client to let user who passes verification enter within certain period, and admin will judge whether to unlock or not.

Step 1

Click , select Remote Verification.

Step 2

Click Add. The system will display the interface of Remote Check.

Step 3

Select corresponding door and time of enabling remote check.

Step 4

Click Save.