How To Setup Video Talk In SmartPSS

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How To Setup Video Talk In SmartPSS


This article will show you how to setup and use Video Talk in SmartPSS 2.0


  • SmartPSS
  • Device with video talk capabilities
  • Device with video talk capabilities added to SmartPSS Device List

Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch SmartPSS.

2. Click Intercom

3. Click the VTS icon on the left to enter the VTS Settings menu

4. Click the IP icon to edit the setting

5.Enter the local IP of the computer running SmartPSS

Setup is complete

6. Click on Monitor

8. Double Click the device the device list on the left side of the screen, then double click the video pane to bring the feed up in full screen

9. Hover the mouse over the window to show the menu

10. Click the Shout icon File:Shout icon.jpg to begin a Video Talk

The icon will change to File:Shout enabled icon.jpg when active.

Click the icon again to end.

Alternatively, you can Right Click the video feed and select Start/End Shout from menu