How to control the coaxial PTZ through 485 protocol

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Step 1: Find the 485 control line of the speed dome and connect it to the A/B interface on the back panel of the NVR.(Yellow=A+;Orange=B-)

Step2:Go to Main Menu>Camera>PTZ(Web:Setting>CAMERA>PTZ)

Channel:Select the channel where the speed dome is located.

Type:Select Local

Control Mode:Select Serial Port

Protocol:Select DH-SD1(If it is a speed dome from other brand, and protocol as PELCOD or PELCOP)

Address:The address of the speed dome is 1 by default; when there are many speed domes, the address code needs to be distinguished through hardware dial switch.

Baud Rate: The default baud rate of the speed dome is 9600,which can be changed by the hardware dial switch of the it (according to the different baud rate, the theoretical value of the maximum transmission distance is also different. The baud rate of 2400 corresponds to the maximum distance of 1800 meters;the baud rate of 4800 corresponds to the maximum distance of 1200 meters; and the baud rate of 9600 corresponds to the maximum distance of 800 meters.)

Other parameters are default.

Step3:Click Apply to Save

Step4:Back to the main menu,right-click and select PTZ Control to control the speed dome.