How to set the record control

  169   Network Cameras

Step1:Log in the Web interface of IPC,select Setting>Storage>Record Control

Step2:Set parameters according to actual needs

Pack Duration :Packing time of each video file.

Pre-event Record:When an alarm occurs, advance the recording time. For example, when enter 5, the system stores the recording 5 seconds before the alarm occurs in the recording file.

When the alarm or the motion detection linkage is triggered, but the recording is not enabled,  then the system will store the video data within the pre-recording time.

Disk Full:

Stop:Stop recording when working disk is full.

Overwrite:When the working disk is full, the earliest video file will be covered cyclically。

Record Mode: Select the “manual” mode, the system starts recording. Select the “Auto” mode, the system will record according to the schedule. Select “Close”, the system will not record.

Record Stream: Select the record stream, including the main stream and the sub stream.

Step3:Click Save