How to Set FTP/SFTP function

  395   Network Cameras
  1. For cameras FTP function (some cameras support FTP function)

First, access to the device by browser, and click Setting-Storage-Destination

On the path page you can select where the record/snapshot are stored.

Second, you should enable FTP, the server address,port,username and password (decided to server)

And click setting-storage-record control

Pack duration can control the time how long upload the recordings/snapshots to FTP.

And the resolution of the FTP recordings and snapshots both are main stream.

  1. For NVR/XVR ftp function

Click setup- storage-FTP

First, enable FTP, and according to the FTP server ,input the host ip,port user name and password.

File length means uploading max size. If you want upload all recordings, you can input 0 M

The pack mode(upload time ) you can set on basic page.

And upload the pack according to file length.

Then you can set which channel, which day , which period enable FTP.

Finally you can check it on FTP server.

You can also download the recordings on FTP, and playback on smart player.

If you use SFTP as protocol ,the default port is 22.You should also confirm the port as your server .

If you establish a server by Serv-U

Please take focus on these precautions:

  1. The authority of the user
  2. The limitation of storage

How to Add the User on Serv-U Software

1.Click Wizard Add User option

2.Set Login ID, and click next

3.Set Password

4.Set the home directory and click Next

5.Modify the Access Rights to full access,then finish.

6.If you want to setup the authority of user accessing , please double click the user name , and go to user properties interface .

7.Go to Limits & Settings interface, and configure Ratios &Quotas, and save the configurations

The current available quota = Maximum – Current , and it will decrease or increase with adding and deleting the files .

8.Please don’t configure the Max size in Directory Access interface