How to check system logs

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Step1 :Select Setting > Information > log

Step2 :

Set the start and end time, and select the log type.

The earliest start time is January 1, 2000, and the latest end time is December 31, 2037. Log types include System、Setting、Data、Event、Record、Account and Safety.

System: Including application startup, abnormal exit, exit, application restart, shutdown/restart device, system restart, system upgrade.

Setting: Including save configuration, delete configuration files.

Data: Including setting hard disk type, clearing data, hot swap, FTP status, recording mode.

Event(record the occurrences of video detection, intelligence, alarm, abnormality and other events): Including the beginning and the end of the event.

Record: Including file access, file access error, file query.

Account: Including login, logout, adding user, deleting user, modifying user, adding group, deleting group, modifying group.

Safety: Reset password and IP permissions.



Click single log message, view the log details in the ‘Detailed Information’ area.

Click“Backup”, save the searched log information to local.