How to set initial configuration through configtool

  511   Network Cameras

Step1: Install quick configuration tool. The quick configuration tool (configtool) is a software that can quickly search the IP of Dahua equipment in the local area network and configure through the computer. It can be installed and used by clicking in Dahua official website(—support—Download Center—Tools—Maintenance Tool—ToolBox.

Step2: Open configtool, search IP address of the device, when the front-end device is not initialized, the searched device information is in gray. At that time, the IP address of the device cannot be modified or configured, so initialization is required.

Step3: Select the searched uninitialized front-end device, click the initialization menu in the upper left corner, and continue to select initialization in the pop-up interface.

Step4: Enter the new password and confirm it again (for “Email Address”, if you have enabled this function by selecting “√”, once you have forgotten the password, it can be retrieved by the reserved “Email Address”) . And click Next.

After completing the initialization, the device can be added, previewed, IP modified, upgraded, etc.