How to set Record plan

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After the corresponding alarm type(Normal,Motion,and Alarm) is enabled,the record channel links recording

Step1: Select Setting>Storage>Schedule>Record

Step2: Set record plan

Green represents normal record plan(such as timing recording);yellow represents motion record plan(such as recording triggered by intelligent events);red represents alarm record plan(such as recording triggered by alarm-in)

Method one: Select a record type,such as Normal,and directly press and drag the left mouse button to set the time period for normal record an the timeline.

Method two: Enter an actual time period

  1. Click Setting next to a day
  1. Select a day, and the alarm type next to period, and then set the period.

Select All or check boxes of some days to set the time period of multiple days at one time

You can set 6 time periods per day

Step3:Click Save