How to set TrustList/BannedList

  294   Network Cameras

Network access:Restrict users’ access rights by setting up TrusList and BannedList.

TrusList:Only the users’ IP/MAC in TrustList can access the device, otherwise the device cannot be accessed. And the port is set at the same time, the users can only access the setting port.

BannedList:If the users’ IP/MAC is in BannedList, they cannot access the device. And the port is set at the same time, the users cannot access the specified port of the device.

Step1: Log into the web interface of IPC,select Setting>System>Safety>Firewall,select Network Access,Click Enable,select TrusList or BannedList.

Step2: Click Add IP/MAC, select the IP Address type, enter the corresponding IP address(you can also select IP network segment, MAC address or all IP addresses)and port,click OK.

All ports of the device: Set all ports of the device as TrusList or BannedList. When setting all IPs as a BannedList, it is not allowed to select all ports so as to prevent all hosts from being unable to access all ports of the device;

Start Server Port and End Server Port of the device: Set the Start Server Port number and End Server Port number, the value range is 1~65535

Step3:As shown in the figure after completion, click Save to save configuration, you can also click to modify or click to delete the current record.