How to set wiper function

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Step1: Select ‘Setting > System > Peripheral > Wiper’.

Step2: Set the working mode of the wiper.

Interval Time: Time interval between wiper turning off and turning on. For example, set the interval time as 10 seconds, and the wiper will work every 10 seconds.

Start、Stop、Once:Set the status of the wiper. Click“Start”,the wiper will operate regularly according to the setting interval time. Click“Stop”, wiper will stop. Click“Once”, the wiper will operate once.

Time Wash:Select“Time Wash”and set time, the wiper will operates according to the setting time. Click“Once”, the wiper will operate once,which can be used to test whether the wiper can start normally.

Step3:Click Save

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  • Dear sir,
    as shown in interval time, after putting value wiper will work after that intervel. But suppose it will start working then till how much time it will work. I mean how to control exact working time of wiper