How to add accounts, delete accounts and set user’s authority

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The default username is admin in system, and we can add new users and set the user’s authority.

Step1:Select Setting>System>Account>Username

Step2: Click Add User

Step3:Input the username, password, confirm password, and set the corresponding authority.

The max user name length is 31 characters, contains number, character, underline, strikethrough, point and @;

The password must consist of 8-32 non-blank characters and contains at least 2 type of characters among upper case, lower case, number, and special character (excluding “’”、“””、“;”、“:”、“&”)set a high security level according to the  password security notice.

It can select different user group or set admin by default.

Step4:Click Save to complete.

After the adding use, click  to modify the user password, user group, comment, operational authority and login limit,click ,delete adding user, except the admin;