How to control the PTZ through network?

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Cloud control refers to the directional rotation of cloud devices (including up, down, left, right, left up, left down, right up and right down).

Focus, zoom, aperture, quick positioning and other operations, set with the direction keys.

Step 1

       Right-click to select PTZ control.

Step 2

       Enter Cloud Platform Control.

Note: Button graying means that the front-end device does not support this function.

Cloud control of some models of devices must be in single-picture mode to enter, right-click to select Cloud Control will enter single-picture mode.

Parameter Interpretation

Speed: Used to control cloud table rotation speed operation, the larger the value, the faster the speed of the cloud table.

For example, the rotation speed with step 8 is much greater than that with step 1.

 : Quick positioning keys.

After clicking the icon and clicking anywhere on the monitor screen, the screen automatically adjusts to the center of the mouse click.

Drag the mouse in the Quick Location interface and drag the box to support the doubling function.If you drag the mouse from top to bottom, the multiple becomes larger; if you drag the mouse from bottom to top, the multiple becomes smaller.The smaller the box you drag, the larger the multiple, and the smaller the converse.

 : By clicking the icon, you can control the direction of the cloud from top to bottom, left to right.For example, the mouse moves left to right and vice versa.