How to enable PTZ’s OSD menu

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Method one:Access to OSD menu via web

Step1:Enter the IP address of the dome on the computer browser and log into the web interface

Step2:Click PTZ Menu in the lower right corner of the preview interface,Click Enable  to open the OSD menu. The OSD menu is displayed on the live view. Click the up and down buttons to select parameters, and click the left and right buttons to select parameter values.

Method two:Enter the dome OSD menu through smart pss

Method three:Enter the dome OSD menu through NVR

2 thoughts on - How to enable PTZ’s OSD menu

  • Dear Sir Madam,

    I have changed the display resolution of the Dahua DVR from 1280 *1024 to the maximum.

    Now, I am unable to view anything on my monitor as the resolution is not supported.

    Worst, I cannot access the menu in order to change it back.

    I am puzzled. I would appreciate if you could please help me out.

    I should look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi,
      You can log into your DVR via WEB and change the resolution you need in that interface.
      Hope it helps.