How to setup DND & Alarm

  213   VDP

1. DND Setting

This function is disabled by default. When it is enabled, there would be no call reminder on VTH. So you may miss the call under this mode by chance. But the call info will be recorded during this period.


1)Go to Setting(Short press and input device password to enter).

2)Tap DND.

3)Enable DND Period.

4)Select start and end time.

5)Select week.

6)Tap OK to finish.

2. Set up Alarm


1)Enter Setting.

2)Go to Alarm setting.

3)Tap Output to set the output linkage.

4)Tap OK to enable.

Enter the Alarm menu to deploy four areas. There are various modes. So you can set different combinations of arming areas under different modes.

3. Arm and Disarm

Arm and Disarm are set in the main menu on VTH.

Figure 1. Arm operation

Figure 2. Disarm operation