How to setup initial configuration when using DSS Express as SIP server

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Part I:

Configuration of VTO:

Network → SIP server → disable → select Server type as Express/DSS → Input DSS server(PC)  IP address → Input port number: 5080 → Save

Then you are supposed to verify the device type.

You need to select the device type as Villa. Type in the VTO No. as you like and make sure the center number is 888888. If the VTO has only one button, you need to enable the Calling Center Period. VTO will call administrator center during this time, and it will call VTH beyond this time duration.

VTH Configuration:

Step1: Enter the project setting and SIP server.

Step2: Input Server IP (DSS Server IP).

Step3: Modify Network Port as 5080.

Step4: Set Domain as VDP.

Step5: Input the username and password of SIP Server (i.e. DSS Express). Note that the username should be system here.

Step6: Turn Enable Status on, tap OK to finish.

Add Device on platform:


  1. Run the DSS Express Server on PC.
  2. Run the DSS Express Client.
  3. Click Device in the Homepage.
  4. Search the device by Auto search.
  5. Input the device IP segment.
  6. Select devices you want to add.
  7. Input password.
  8. Click OK to finish.

Group Call Setting:

Modify the VTH number to make sure it satisfies the prescribed format, like 9901#0, 9901#1 and so on.

Enter Video Intercom to configure it.

VDP devices are added in DSS Express with schematic figures.

Then enter the call management to set group relation. Only in the same group can the devices communicate with each other.

After create relation group successfully, you can modify the management group priority by clicking the arrows as shown in the following screenshot.

Part II

Configured by Config Tool

You can also set the configuration on the latest config tool. Remember to initial the devices first.

Go to Building Config.

Then set global parameters.

You need to enter some basic information for devices. And click OK to save all settings.

Please take the form below as a reference.

Click “Add Node” and enter detailed information based on the scenario.  Click “OK” to save all settings.


  1. If there is one VTO, need to enable Unit VTO(main). If there are multiple VTOs, then you need to enable Unit VTO(Sub).
  2. Extension/Sub VTH will ring when the corresponding room’s main VTH has a call, except assign the call room is only for one certain extension VTH, which is related to group call function.
  3. Extension number of VTH is included the host VTH, for example if you need to set one Host VTH and two sub VTH the number you need to enter is three.
  4. Normally, Fence/Villa station used with one device only can call the concierge at the gate of the apartment/villa in different solutions.

Here is an example:general apartment solution with one building, one unit. And there is one floor and one room but no extension VTHs inside.

After confirmed the node structure, we need to click one device and its node in pairs and click “Association” to bond them, and repeat the process until all devices you need to connect are associated.

4. Configure nodes

After associating all devices, go to association list, select all devices and click “Config”, wait for all devices to reboot and wait until they are online.

5. Configure with DSS (DSS as SIP server only)

We recommended us the latest version of DSS.

The version of DSS express tested in this document is as follows:


Which can be download from the following link.

Step 1 Click and click auto search or add to ensure all devices are online.

Step 2 Choose VTO and VTH one by one and click and click to update the information of SIP ID and Device model.

Step3: Go to Video intercom and click call managerment , click  to refresh groups, and the group information will update automatically. At the time, the VTH, VTO and DSS system should cooperate properly, which can call and remote unlock doors from each other.

Note for DSS settings:

1. Building enable not matched from the device.

Then go to config->residence config, check and ensure the Building and Unit are the same status with the config tool.

5. Check List

1. Sometimes the VTH will show exclamation mark like  or , or one device cannot call other devices which may because the room number is not set properly.

Go to the device config, check whether the room number of VTH matches with the calling room number of corresponding VTO.

If you are using villa station with only one button, Call room from the config tool means the room will be called after pushing the button.