How to use DMSS

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Add VTO to DMSS:

Generally, we have 2 situations, which are listed as follows.

  1. We can directly add VTO to DMSS via scanning the QR code on the VTO’s web.

And we can see the video on the phone, as shown below:

We can also add device by inputting the serial number(“SN/Scan”) or IP address(“IP/domain”) manually, as shown below:

Both ways should work.

2. We can bond VTO with VTH, and add VTO to DMSS as well.

First, we need to make sure the configuration between video intercom is correct, that is to say, we should make sure VTO is able to call VTH, and vice versa.

Then we are going to add VTO to DMSS app. We can add VTO by serial number or scanning QR code. Generally we can find the QR code through this way: Household Setting->Room No. Management->click the gear symbol.

So now we are ready to monitor VTO on DMSS.

Set Snapshot and Record:

We can see five functions over there, as shown below:

The first one is recording playback. Here we can tap the video symbol and we are able to choose the picture-in-picture way to review the recording video.

The video will be played if it is recorded. We can tap the timestamp to change the date and record type. The date with a blue dot means containing stored videos on that day.

The second icon stands for snapshot. You can tap it to enable snapshot function.

Answer the call and unlock the door:

The third icon is used for calling. We can press the button on VTO (if it is a villa station), and so we are able to receive the call on both DMSS and VTH simultaneously.

When we get through, a new window will pop up with another two icons. One is for answering the call and the other one is for unlocking the door so that we can choose to open two types of locks. The second lock model is DEE1010B. Don’t forget to connect this extended module for the second lock via RS485 communication if it is needed. Meanwhile, we need to make corresponding configurations in local setting of the VTO.

Moreover, we need to enable notification in device configuration. And don’t forget to enable pushing notification in the application setting, as shown in the successive screenshots below.

The fourth icon is for recording. We can tap on it, with it becoming blue and the recording starting as well. The videos will be saved automatically.

The rightmost icon is to enable fisheye, which is only available on designated models.

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    • Dear Umar Sajjad,
      Unfortunately we do not provide DMSS app on Android TV. Please continue to pay attention.
      If having more questions about DMSS app, you can consult the local after-sales technical staff for solution.
      Thank you!

    • Hello Rob,
      We do have motion detection function, and when a target triggers motion detection, there will be an alert popping up in DMSS.
      Hope it helps.