How to set Auto Maintain

  298   Network Cameras, Network Recorders

You can restart the system manually, and set the time of auto reboot and auto deleting old files. This function is disabled by default.

Step 1

Select Setting > System > Auto Maintain

Step 2 

Configure auto maintain parameters.

● Select the Auto Reboot check box, and set the reboot time, the system automatically

restarts as the set time every week.

● Select the Auto Delete Old Files check box, and set the time, the system automatically deletes old files as the set time. The time range is 1 to 31 days.

When you enable and confirm the Auto Delete Old Files function, The The deleted files cannot be restored, are you sure? notice is displayed. Operate it carefully.

● Click Manual Reboot, and then click OK on the displayed interface, the camera will restart.

Step 3

Click OK.