How to set Custom Layout

  249   Network Recorders


  1. This function is for some series products,Refer to the actual product for detailed information.
  2. Device max,supports 5 customized videos.

Step1:Select Menu>DISPLAY>Custom Layout

Step2:Click  and then click  to select basic mode.

System adopts the basic window mode as the new window name. For example ,if you select the 8 display mode,the default name is Split8.In regular mode,drag the mouse in the preview frame; you can merge several small windows to one window so that you can get you desired split mode.

  • After merge the window,system adopts the remaining window amount as the new name such as Split 6
  • Select the window you want to merge(red highlighted),click  to cancel the merge to restore the basic mode
  • Clickto delete the customized window mode

Step3:Click Apply to exit.After the setup,you can go to the preview window,right click mouse and the select Live Layout