How to Set Smart Track

  430   PTZ Cameras

After setting calibration and parameters for smart track, the tracking speed dome can automatically link to a corresponding position and track an object till it is out of the monitoring range or the set tracking time is reached when the intelligent rules for panoramic camera triggers an alarm

Setting Calibration Parameters for Smart Track

The camera has calibration parameters by default, and you can modify the parameters manually

when the effect is not good with default setting.

Auto calibration mode is available on some select models.

Step 1

Select Setting > Event > Smart Track > Smart Track.

Step 2

Configure calibration parameters.

Auto calibration

Select Auto in Calibration Mode, and then click Start Calibration

Manual calibration

Select Manual in Calibration Mode, select the channel; that you need, and then add

calibration point for it in the live image.

1) Adjust the speed dome lens and turn it to the same view as the chosen lens, and then


The calibration boxes are displayed in both images.

2) Pair each box in the two images, and keep the paired boxes at the same spot of the live


3) Click

You need at least 4 pairs of calibration boxes to ensure the views of the speed dome

and the panoramic camera as similar as possible.

Step 3

Click Save.

Enabling Alarm Track

Alarm Track is disabled by default. Smart Track is enabled only after Alarm Track is enabled and

intelligent rules of the panoramic camera are configured. Smart Track is supported only when rules

of crowd map, intrusion and tripwire are triggered

Step 1

Select Setting > Event > Smart Track > Alarm Track.

Step 2

Select the Enable check box to enable track linkage.

After enabling the function, manual positioning, manual tacking and auto tracking take


Step 3

Set parameters.

Step 4

Click Save.

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