How to find SN template

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Thank you for contacting Dahua Support. We would like to help you solve the problem you are having. Can you please provide the serial number (SN) of the device? By tracking the SN number, we can find you the distributor and provide you a better service.

If you have trouble finding product SN number, you follow the below steps:

There are four ways that you can check the device’s Serial Number (SN).

1.     At the Package of the product.

2.     At the back or bottom of devices.

3.     Device web interface

4.     Using config tool

Please send us pictures with SN number displayed like following pictures.

1.     At the package of the product.          2. At the back or bottom of devices.

2.     Camera web interface: Setting->Information->Version


Please be aware. In the event that your Dahua equipment serial number check confirms an international unapproved sale such as

Amazon, eBay, International Online websites or other unofficial channels then we regret Technical Support will not be able to provide the code you desire.

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2 thoughts on - How to find SN template

  • Dear Sir,

    i have DH-XVR410HS MODEL DVR
    Version and build date: 3.210.0001.0 2016-11-17.
    this dvr not get p2p online.

    • Dear anil,
      There are several things you need to confirm:
      1. Confirm whether the device is connected with network.
      2. Go to network setting , in TCP/IP enable dhcp option , the ip address will be changed to the router segment.(Just confirm the router can assign the IP to the device,and the IP segment of the device and router lan port are same).If you enable DHCP ,but your device ip cannot be assigned as the ip, whose segment should be same as the router lan ip segment. Please check the wiring of the network cable.
      3. Confirm the main DNS is;Sub DNS is
      4. Confirm the SN is not showing in zeros i.e (0000000000).
      5. Confirm the system date and time is correct on the recorder.
      6. Go to router configuration ,check whether there is some limitations in DHCP list.
      7. Upgrade the recorder firmware.
      8. If your recorder has dual network card,please confirm the ip segment of default network card is same as your router lan ip.
      We have to login on router to confirm whether ip address is found in dhcp list of router, then check the security settings.Here are steps:
      1. Fill the user name and password of router.
      2. Go to security settings > firewall
      3. Select the low or off option and confirm the status of p2p.
      If still having questions, you can contact the local technical support. Hope it helps!