How to find the config tool or other software

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Generally ,we suggest our customer download the tool box ,then install the relevant software on tool box .However,some customer just need the software or intallation package.

You can find the relevant files of your computer ,then zip this file and send this zip file to customer.

Customer just need to unzip the file ,and run the software, no need to install again.

  1. Check where the tool box is stored on . like : “D:\config tool\ToolBox\ToolBox.exe”
    1. Then go to APP folder
  • You can find all softwars downloaded from tool box.
    • Just zip the folder which customer needs,then send the zip file to Cuctomer.

4 thoughts on - How to find the config tool or other software

  • Yesterday, I received an email from your company letting me know that there was a upgrade for my tool box app. When I downloaded it and tried to run tool box, I received an error “win32 does not support this app” the new download. How do i get back to the previous version of toolbox

  • Nice day,

    We already have a DSS server. How could we record video images of DVR or NVR other than Dahua.

    Best regards
    Rivo Nantenaina
    Service Technique
    Diirickx Madagascar

    • Dear Rivo Nantenaina,
      If you want to add the third-party device to record video, both IP address and ONVIF docking are OK, which is the same as DVR or NVR of Dahua.
      Hope it helps.