How to use onvif device manager to test onvif camera

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1.Install ONVIF Device Manager software

 Onvif Device Manager software is a basic onvif test tool, if you find some problem when the third brands IPC or NVR connect to our device by onvif protocol ,you need use this software to test the third brands device first to make sure it is support onvif protocol.

2.ADD Camera

If you find the camera cannot add to NVR or cannot online ,you need use this software to have a test. Click add to change the device IP ,and enter user and password to login, The add picture like below:

note:if the device http port is not 80,you need click add button to enter the right http port:

Follow this addr:,  use“IP:port”format。

3. live video

4.check device URL address:

5. check device motion detect function

Check if there is motion detect from camera : click Event button , and show motion true .

If not show like below ,it mean the camera donot support motion detect by onvif protocol .

4 thoughts on - How to use onvif device manager to test onvif camera

  • Hello,
    Nice day,
    how do to preview the camera ip or hdcvi other model in the dss dahua
    best regards
    Rivo Nantenaina

    • Dear Rivo Nantenaina,
      How did you add the device to the dss? If via NVR, the camera info under this NVR cannot be found; if you add the single camera to dss via IP address, the camera IP can be seen.
      Hope it helps.Have a nice day.

  • I have two cameras that have dropped from the MVR and some how the password has been changed I can not get them back on line. How do I do a reset on them to get them back up on the NVR. Also why or how was the password changed?

    • Hi Brian,
      There are two possible reasons for password change:
      1. Password has been changed manually;
      2. It has been modified synchronously. For example, when IPC was added to NVR, at that time the password of IPC was ‘admin123’; and during the period, the NVR password was changed into ‘admin1234’, and the IPC password was changed synchronously into ‘admin1234’ as well.
      You can log into the IPC web interface to try a few more passwords. If it still cannot work, you can click ‘Forget Password’ to retrieve password.
      Hope it helps.