Blackbody Issues FAQ

  60   Thermal Imaging

1. What is the blackbody, does it need to connect to the camera?

The blackbody can be simply understood as a constant temperature reference source (it can maintain a constant temperature after power-on). The black body is generally set to 35°C during temperature monitoring, which is used for temperature correction.

The blackbody does not need to be connected to the camera, and it can be placed in the camera screen according to the installation instructions after power on.

2. What is the size of the screw for the blackbody bracket?

The size of blackbody screw is M8*16.

3. The actual height of the blackbody is 1.65 meters. Does the WEB interface need to be modified simultaneously?


4. Installation distance between blackbody and camera

Different cameras have different requirements for installation distance from blackbody. For details, please refer to the installation instruction manual.

When the distance from the forehead to the camera is the same as the distance from the blackbody to the camera, and the temperature measurement accuracy is the best. The closer the distance is, the stronger the energy, and the higher the measured temperature.

5. Can the camera and blackbody run 7×24 hours?


6. Can the blackbody be installed after rotating 90°?

No, the blackbody has a base, and rotation will cause damage to the blackbody.

7. After the blackbody stabilizes, the temperature displayed on the board fluctuates

Temperature fluctuations within the range of ±0.2°C are normal.

8. Is the flashing of the green dot in the upper left corner of the blackbody temperature interface normal?

Normal phenomenon.

9. No blackbody can be seen in the monitoring screen of the thermal imaging channel


Blackbody can be seen in the visible light channel monitoring screen, but it cannot be seen in the thermal imaging channel monitoring screen.

Fig.1 Abnormal Image

Possible reason:

Thermal imaging and visible light have different FoV.


Refer to the installation instruction manual to adjust the installation position of the blackbody to the thermal imaging channel monitoring screen.

10. No response after the blackbody is turned on with standard power supply

The fuse is blown, or the blackbody internal wiring or the related wiring of the heating wire is loose, please contact the relevant technical support.

11. The blackbody is powered on for one hour, and the temperature is fixed at 17.7°C

The power supply voltage is abnormal or the blackbody internal wiring or the related wiring of the heating wire is loose, please contact the relevant technical support.

Fig.2 Abnormal Image

12. After replacing the power supply, the blackbody cannot be turned on

The fuse of the blackbody switch may be blown, please contact the relevant technical support.

13. Blackbody abnormally alarms, and the monitored temperature is above 40℃

Step1 Log into the web interface of the device.

Step2 Select “Setting> Event > Blackbody Abnormal Alarm”.

Step3 Check “Enable”, adjust the sensitivity of blackbody error to “10”, and click “Save”.

Fig.3 Blackbody Abnormality

Step4 Check whether the problem has been resolved.

If it is not resolved, please contact relevant technical support.

14. Whether the thermal imaging equipment can use blackbody calibration temperature of other manufacturer

The blackbody is essentially a constant temperature source, and the camera detects a constant temperature value of 35±0.2°C for reference correction. If the energy feedback from other manufacturers’ blackbody is too low or too high, the blackbody is not applicable. And the blackbody installation must meet the specification requirements.